About the Project

CIVILISC – Civil Society Instruments against Corruption (2016-2019)

The three-year project (Jan. 2016-Aug. 2018) is implemented by the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (Albania) in partnership with RiskMonitor Foundation (Bulgaria). The main project goal is to empower citizens and to develop the capacity of civil society to fight corruption.

The project will engage civil society activists from 12 small and medium-size municipalities (LGUs) in the southern and central part of Albania in the qarks of Kukes, Shkoder, Diber, Elbasan, Fier, Tirane, Durres, Korce, Vlore, Gjirokaster, and Berat.

CIVILISC aims to equip civil society organizations (CSOs), in particular in remote and underdeveloped regions, with resources and skills so they are able to work in a professional and sustainable way to uphold good governance and integrity in the civic and government sectors. Project activities will increase the role of civil society, producing a multiplier effect and strengthening CSOs networking and collaborŠ°tion with public authorities

Target groups and key beneficiaries

Target groups: Representatives of CSOs; Representatives of Local Government Units; Citizens.

Final beneficiaries: Civil society and local communities benefiting from local governments’ services and cooperating with local authorities. Other stakeholders include local activists, investigative journalists, etc. who are potential target group of the activities, but are not represented through a legal entity.

Project activities are based on three main pillars: assessment, capacity development and sub-granting.

The assessment phase involves fieldwork and desk research for the identification of current anti-corruption instruments available in the 20 municipalities, as well as evaluating the needs and capacity gaps of local CSOs.

The capacity building activities encompass face-to-face trainings with local civil society organizations and development of resource materials. The trainings will include panels on topics such as good governance in public spending; citizen’s budgets for transparent municipalities, citizens monitoring in public procurement, indicators for assessing the level of corruption risks in municipal activities, impact assessment mechanisms, etc. Seminar participants will also engage in hands-on activities for project development and management. In addition, an online platform with training modules will be developed, which will be open to CSOs and civic activists in Abania.

Sub-granting component: CIVILISC will launch a call for proposals for small grants aimed at Albanian CSOs. The main priorities of the call will be:

  • Civic advocacy for transparency and anti-corruption practices
  • Civic monitoring of LGUs services and public spending
  • Awareness raising activities against corruption.

CIVILISC will fund 12-15 CSOs in the selected municipalities.

CIVILISC is funded by the IPA - Pre-accession instrument (NEAR). The design of the action is consistent with the EU Guidelines for Support to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the period 2014/2020 (IPA II). The action responds to the strategic determination of the government to move forward with the implementation of the Decentralisation Strategy 2015-2020 and the Anti-corruption strategy 2014-2017.